Freepost Vodafone Recycling – the only address you need

That’s the address for your used phones. If you’re a Vodafone customer (and, I suppose, even if you’re not), you can donate your old handsets to charity easily now thanks to a brand new service from Vodafone.

Recycling is nothing new — and especially in terms of donating to charity. It’s nice to see Vodafone aligning themselves with a single decent cause (WWF-UK).

You can hand in your old devices at any one of the 380 Vodafone UK shops, or — if you like, just stick the phone in an envelope and address it to, “Freepost Vodafone Recycling”.

That’s pretty cool. No arsing around with postcodes or any of that jazz.

WWF UK will get around £9 per handset. That’s highly approximate. I wonder if someone donates an iPhone 4, does WWF still only get £9? The cynics might say that this is a rather low amount given a recycled iPhone 4 will command hundreds of pounds in resale value. Given that Vodafone will handle all the logistics and the charity just has to take a lump sum, I think it’s a worthwhile arrangement.

The deal could be worth upwards of almost a million quid, especially since Vodafone recycles about 100,000 handsets a year.

So if you’ve got any old handsets lying around, think about the Tigers.

Nice one Vodafone.

By Ewan

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