Good morning from Barcelona

MWC 2011

Hello and good morning from Barcelona! It’s time for Mobile World Congress 2011 and goodness me, I think it’s shaping up to be rather exciting.

Nokia’s recent news has added a little unexpected excitement — and I’ve been delighted to see that the marketplace has picked it up and run with it. Almost everyone I’ve met has had something to say about Nokia. This is excellent — because the vast majority have previously had nothing to say whatsoever. To many, Nokia was simply an irrelevance. Not any more.

It’s not all about Nokia here in Barcelona though.

There’s a lot moving. I woke up to hundreds of press releases — including a screen-full of Qualcomm news (Qualcomm’s Quad-core chip laughs in the face of dual core ones, heh).

Today I’m going to hit the show floor, check out what’s going on and then later on I’m filming at the MEF Connects @ MWC party.

I’m also going to try and re-schedule an interview with Sony Ericsson that I missed last night owing to a taxi issue.

By Ewan

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