iPad Enclosures to help lock-down iPads for public use

That there is the ‘Full Metal Jacket’ iPad enclosure / protective case. It is, by all accounts, completely tamper-proof. And you’ll see there’s no home-button exposed either. So once the iPad is activated running a kiosk application (for example), then users can’t do anything else. Plus they can’t easily steal the iPad either.

The heavy-duty steel and aluminium case (as above, there are other options) is conveniently radio-transparent and it won’t interfere with WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G frequencies.

I’d imagine that this is absolutely brilliant for trade shows, restaurants, hotels (come on, I’d like an iPad in-room please), dental offices (yes, anything to take your mind off the pain), doctors offices and so on. One of the example videos on the iPad Enclosures site shows off how the above enclosure is helping nurses in a hospital in New York.

A pretty neat idea.

  • Scottpaul2

    I actually just saw this ipad enclosure at a trade show. There were 8 of them at the Salomon ski Booth at SIA in Denver last week. The were black and looked so sweet. Ipad kiosk and displays are changing the way we market.

  • Very cool

  • good point!

  • Agreed

  • I like that idea!

  • Another iPad Enclosure: http://ipadkioskmount.com

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