Samsung Galaxy Ace promotional video

I’ve just been sent this sponsored video featuring a Samsung Galaxy Ace (amongst others). It’s rather interesting to see how the Samsung team are positioning the Ace.

Do you see just how much like an iPhone it looks?

This promo video also helpfully explains just what demographic each of the handsets (Ace, Fit, Glo and Mini) are aimed at. In case you were wondering…

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  • Interesting in a couple of ways… First, Good on Samsung for branding their phones as Samsung devices, not generic Droids. Second, they are trying to rationalize different phones for different demographics/aspirational groups.

    Two questions: From a US prospective, did Samsung talk about offering each of the models on our various carriers? In Europe, do the operators have a problem with manufacturers branding handsets as something outside the carrier?

  • Michael, I didn’t talk to Samsung about that issue specifically, but I can
    answer that from my experience — no, carriers in the UK and Europe don’t
    generally influence the specific branding of most devices. Occasionally
    you’ll see a carrier make a strategic decision — e.g. Orange took the ZTE
    Blade and called it the ‘San Francisco’. But generally speaking, most
    carriers just shift the boxes unless there’s a specific business need to
    change it.

    2011/2/18 Disqus

  • Wow that is very much like the iPhone 4, think Apple have recently had enough about how much Samsung’s products are looking like theirs.  Looks nice though, I would have one.

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