Sony Ericsson’s genius LiveView gets updates

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Sony Ericsson’s LiveView concept is a genius, genius idea. A small watch-like screen that sits on your wrist, connected to your phone, easily programmable by third-party developers.

The possibilities are flipping endless. Do you want it to be a watch? A calendar view? A remote camera?

But there’s been a bit of frustration amongst some users and developers because of a few incompatibilities. You’ll be pleased to know the Sony Ericsson chaps have just completed a software update that solves a lot of the issues. Here are some of the things they’ve fixed:

– Improved stability in the phone application (latest update available on Android Market as of minutes ago)
– Improved plug-in handling and limit of number of installed plug-ins raised to 30.
– Connection stability improved – most identified reasons for random disconnects should be fixed now.
– There were some cases of random reboots reported, and all those reported crashes have now been resolved.
– Compatibility with competitor phones is greatly improved, both in regards to stability and to battery life time.
– Automatic reconnect when coming back in range improved.

If you’d like to pick up a LiveView — I’m seriously considering it — you can do so at the SE Shop for a highly reasonable £61.

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