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The Sage of Sussex, Rafe Blandford on Nokia’s Capital Markets Day

Time for a visit to the Sage of OmahaSussex, Mr Rafe Blandford, founder of All About Symbian and hugely knowledgeable Nokia watcher.

What does Rafe reckon will be announced this Friday at Nokia Capital Markets Day?

Given Nokia’s market performance in the last few years, Elop’s mandate for change and the rumbling of rumours in the last few weeks I think it’s reasonable to assume that some major changes will likely be announced by Nokia on Friday.

Assuming that there are major changes, I think the introduction of Windows Phone to Nokia’s device portfolio is the most likely scenario. However, the real question is how far it will go. Dipping a toe in the water with a US focused device? Or a broader adoption that sees the eventual displacement of Symbian to lower costs devices?

I would expect MeeGo to be retained for high end and tablet like devices. However a desire to make sure it ships ‘only when ready’ may mean the first commercial MeeGo handset from Nokia is delayed until later in the year. In the longer term, with an adoption of Windows Phone, there would be less pressure on Nokia to move MeeGo down into the mid tier; that could be a good thing, as it would enable Nokia’s MeeGo devices have a tighter high end focus.

Whatever strategy is revealed there will be no over night changes – strategy transitions takes time to execute – even in the fast moving mobile industry.

I’m also sure we’re going to be seeing changes in Nokia’s leadership teams and group executive board. This is only to be expected following the appointment of a new CEO. Friday’s event would be a logical, but not the only, time to announce such changes. An executive shake-up would underline the strategy shift and allow Elop to build a leadership team of his own choosing.

Very, very interesting Mr Blandford. Thank you.

Read more of Rafe’s thoughts over at All About Symbian.

By Ewan

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One reply on “The Sage of Sussex, Rafe Blandford on Nokia’s Capital Markets Day”

they promised a whole lot of tons of goodies for the symbian in the coming times, i trusted nokia as usual, bought a N8, the saturday past, lets see how nokia keeps their promises, while at the same time, do something that should prove right, by way of boosting their flagging fortunes.

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