This little device is helping me, no thanks to SFR

What a flipping arse.

I’m sat in a cafe at the Gare du Nord station in Paris. I thought I’d avail myself of the in-station WiFi.

Absolutely shit. Fast, it seems. But shit.

If you’re not a customer of a French network, you have to give your sodding life story to sign-up to a X euros/hr deal. I don’t have a problem paying 5 euro or even 10 euro for 60 minutes. I just don’t want to spend 10 additional minutes sodding about with sign-up forms and faffing a round with credit cards. That’s what I’ve got Boingo Wireless for. Which, needless to say, is not supported by SFR’s piece-of-bollocks service. It’s like the WiFi service hasn’t changed for about 5 years.

On principle, stuff you, SFR.

I would have paid 5-10 Euro but not for all that hassle. Carrier billing? Sure. Paypal? Possibly. But filling in three screens of nonsense? No thanks.

So I got our my 3UK MiFi and fired it up. It worked beautifully and roamed on to BYTEL in seconds.

I needed this because my SFR service (on which I’m roaming) wouldn’t form a BlackBerry connection so my mails were not sending.

Not a good day for me and SFR. But thanks for helping 3UK / BYTEL.

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