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WiFi on trains? There’s a conference for that!

My message to the train operators attending TrainComms2011 is JFDI. In case translation is required: Just frakking* do it.

This June, BWCS will host its sixth annual WiFi on Trains Conference Train Communications Systems 2011, with train operators from all over the world due to speak and attend.

The conference will be dominated by real case studies presented by train operators who have launched WiFi on-board services. Book now, to hear how these go-ahead companies have overcome technical, marketing and operational issues to offer passenger WiFi and help win the battle to fill empty train seats and cut operating costs.

Join the throng of national train companies, new competitors, rail authorities and would-be new operators at this year’s Train Communications Systems Conference on the 8th and 9th of June at St Pancras International Railway Station in central London to discuss the latest trends and services in this fast-moving market.

It’s simply ridiculous that the Eurostar doesn’t yet support WiFi on-board. They will. It’s coming. But they need to blow a few hundred million on some new trains first. And there’s a good few years to go until they’ll hit service.

Likewise with almost every other train operator I can think of. There’s no excuse. Invest please. Get on with it. Make it chargeable if you must. IF YOU MUST. But if you’re going to charge for it, you better make sure the service level is good enough. Otherwise, seriously consider just making it part of the service.

I think free WiFi on board a lot of the packed commuter trains heading in and out of London would at least alleviate some of the boredom and frustration of the commuters who are forced to stand all the way.

It’s good to see somebody is doing something about it — in the context of running an event to address the issues. This event takes place on the 8th-9th of June. I’ll see if I can get along. It’ll be fascinating no doubt. And I tell you know, I bet all the case studies presented show that people actually appreciate the facility.

Both days of the conference will set you back £999. Not £1,000, by the way, that’s a rather strategically priced £999.

Full details at:

*Frakking = a nod to the Battlestar Galactica fans reading.

Here’s the original release about the event.

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