British Airways upgrades app with gate info


I am a big, big, BIG fan of the British Airways mobile applications. I use the app on both my BlackBerry and the iPhone. I simply love flying without arsing around with paper boarding passes.

I can just about manage those almost-cardboard style ones that you get from the check-in desks. But print-at-home? Stupid. Highly stupid. Why should I have to print a piece of paper when everything else is electronic? And don’t get me started on those flimsy rubbish boarding passes that come out of the check-in machines. I can’t stand those.

Using your phone makes so much sense. And I particularly enjoy swanning into the airport with my handset at the read, boarding pass already generated, while the great unwashed do the passport-and-confirmation-code dance at the machines. Suckers!

The one slight let down is that when I’m sitting in Wagamamas in Terminal 5 (as the paper-laggards are only just getting through security), I can’t tell from the phone what gate the flight departs from.

I know this actually only requires a glance at the screens around the airport. But wouldn’t it be so much better if your British Airways app told you? Yup. That’s just one of the features I spied in the upgrade notes of the BlackBerry version. I can’t wait to check it out in action. Faaaantastic.

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