Does that million quid house have fast internet?

I was delighted to read this article in today’s Telegraph:

Rightmove is teaming up with BT, the UKs biggest internet provider, to list the internet speeds of the 1m homes listed on its website, The Telegraph has learnt.It is understood that Rightmove is planning to list broadband speed alongside standard information, such as the number of bedrooms and whether the property has a garage or garden

via Rightmove to list broadband speed of all its homes – Telegraph.

About time.

When I’ve been looking for property over the last few years, broadband speed has been a highly important factor. Listing the information together will be very useful to me. Normally I have to try guessing postcodes and phone numbers to try and determine if the speed of a particular location is any good.

Good work Rightmove. Good work BT.

(But, come on BT, where’s this Infinity service? Answer… it seems to be coming soon. I checked with the BT Infinity site and I see that right now, BT can offer me 17mb speeds. But in September, that rises to 36.1mb. Nice.)

And to the Rightmove team — if you’re looking for something else to do, why not integrate mobile signal information into the searches too?

By Ewan

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