Event next week: Mobile for the Cultural Sector


I’m participating in a roundtable at the upcoming Mobile for the Cultural Sector next week. It’s one of the always-good Camerjam events and it takes place on the 8-9th of March at Ravensbourne, London.

There are quite a few luminary folk speaking:

Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Communications, Culture and Creative Industries

Sarah Evans, Head of Mobile Internet, O2

Craig Hepburn, Global Digital Director, Nokia

Jessica Gwyther, Global Content Manager, Vodafone

Jonathan MacDonald, Co-founder, this fluid world, Every Single One Of Us and Human Dialogue

Louise Downe, Multimedia Producer, Tate

Ilicco Elia, Global Head of Consumer Mobile, Thomson Reuters

Ed Hodges, Mobile Consultant, Tesco

Henry Volans, Head of Digital Publishing, Faber & Faber

Katy Whitehead, Head of Interactive Products, HarperCollins

David Rowan, Editor, Wired Magazine

I’m going to try and get there for as long as I can on Tuesday to catch the presentations. I have already mentally circled Jonathan MacDonald (how LONG is that job title above, Jonathan?), Ed Hodges of Tesco, Illicco from Reuters and Mark from Flirtomatic. Always a favourite, Mr Mark Curtis. I need to be abroad on the Wednesday so I’ll miss all the action including Terence Eden’s WAC discussions. I hear his activities at MWC went down very, very well. Although I’m still rather undecided about the Wholesale Application Community.

Anyway, my roundtable is on the 8th of March (Tues) at 15:55pm. Bring it on. I’m looking forward to it.

By Ewan

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