Founder of, Arturo Garrido, discusses BlueVia

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In the first of our BlueVia Introduction series (kindly supported by BlueVia), we meet Arturo Garrido, the founder of — a mobile developer who’s already heavily using BlueVia, Telefonica’s developer programme.

Arturo’s service is a Twitter-by-SMS service for Mexico where there’s a high proliferation of feature phones — but also high demand for services such as Twitter. Arturo’s service enables consumers to use Twitter via SMS. All well and good. The problem for him used to be the business model. Sending and receiving SMS used to cost him a lot of money and Arturo used to have to support the service with advertising (or, in some cases, pay for it himself). That’s until Telefonica’s BlueVia came along and changed his world for the better.

Have a watch of the video to find out more. In particular, take note of his comments around the BlueVia business model — Arturo is now generating revenue instead of losing it! Plus he’s got carrier-class reliability and the capability to launch into lots of other countries using the same BlueVia API.

For more information on BlueVia, Telefonica’s developer programme, please visit

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