How much is my old iPad worth? At least $255!

Hello to Ashley and the team at NextWorth. NextWorth specialise in recycling your old electronics for cash. Ashley from their PR dropped me a rather timely note to let me know what kind of prices they’re offering for your old iPad. It’s actually rather good news. Indeed, as MIR contributor Michael pointed out to me over IM earlier, that ‘Apple tax’ is worth paying because their devices do hold their value.

How much I hear you ask?

Well it’s generally more than half of the price you paid. Yes, really.

On the basis of ‘light wear’ (i.e. you’ve kept the iPad good), here’s what you could get:

iPad 16G Wifi: $255
iPad 32GB Wifi: $285
iPad 64GB Wifi: $310
iPad 16G Wifi + 3G: $298
iPad 32G wifi + 3G: $350
iPad 64GB Wifi + 3G: $390

Fantastic! Given that the iPad 16GB WiFi cost $499 (plus tax) new, $255 is a pretty good deal I’d say. Trade it in and you’ll only need to stump up another $244 for the same iPad 2 version.

I popped by the Envirofone website (for the UK) this evening to see if they handled iPads but alas no. Any suggestions for the UK?

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I’d call $255 for a year’s ‘rental’ of an iPad not a bad deal. their laptops are typically 50% down after 3 years, which usually shuts up anyone whining that Macs are expensive. I know from bitter experience that a 2-week old T-series IBM looses over 50% just by being turned on.

How long before Apple do a lease plan?

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