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If you’re not on iTunes, you’re dead to me

Here’s the first section of a post I wrote for the MIPTV Blog over at MIPWorld. Let me know what you think?

If you’re not on iTunes, you’re dead to me

I’ve interviewed my fair share of entertainment company executives over the years at Mobile Industry Review, mostly in connection with some kind of handset or platform co-branding deal. You know the sort: “Buy this handset and get this movie free on the device.”

From these discussions I’ve had, I’m quite confident in asserting that the entertainment world appears happy to operate under the belief that ‘Content is king’. It is not.

For me, platform is king. I’d relegate the content to some kind of second-tier royalty position.

Read more over at MIPWorld’s Blog.

By Ewan

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20 replies on “If you’re not on iTunes, you’re dead to me”

Totally agree, I find the content to be much less important. If I cannot obtain easy reliable access to it than I forget about it and move on to something else. There is too much content out there to be concerned with a specific piece that cannot be easily obtained, accessed.

iTunes is the pre packaged cheese counter of media.
Fine if you just want bland mass produced cheese in easy packaging.

However, if you have any real taste for fine media, then you also need to visit quality specialist retailers.
There one can purchase much tastier products that are not compressed to a bland mush.

Those who only consume media on iOS devices are living in a culturally retarded world. FACT.

Totally agree. I can either rent/buy it online simply and easily or I will not pay for it. That’s not to say I don’t get to watch it on my iPhone/telly.

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