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iPad 2 Reactions: What does Dan Greenall of 20:20 Mobile think?

Here’s some input from Dan Greenall Product Marketing Manager of 20:20 Mobile.
They are a leading distributor of mobile phone products and provider of business process outsourcing services to the telecoms industry and an authorised distributor for most leading mobile phone manufacturers and is one of the world’s largest distributors of mobile phone accessories, handling over 10m handsets in 2010 and 30m accessories.

20:20 Mobile has, like much of the industry, been anticipating the launch of the iPad 2. With the unveiling of the new product, it brings with it significant opportunities for the rest of the mobile market, with distributors such as us particularly focused on the scope for accessory attachment. The iPad created a new category, which the iPad 2 will now continue to drive, opening up and strengthening the accessories market even further. Apple products currently represent a 47.8% accessory to device attachment rate, and have been core to the resurgence of the accessory market in the UK.

As with all Apple product launches, the iPad 2 has been a closely guarded secret meaning that many accessory products and propositions are a bit of a gamble in terms of which form factor to back. For the launch of iPad, 20:20 was at the forefront of the market, taking various product propositions to our retail channels. Working with all of the network retailers, plus grocery chains and online and independent channels, we developed and delivered a range of tailored accessories that allowed our customers to benefit from the iPad’s success, and we are now focused on the next stage of accessories for iPad 2.

The Apple model, of regular product family refreshment, has a knock on effect to a much wider market, allowing distributors such as 20:20 the opportunity to deliver new, creative accessory propositions. As a result 20:20 now has in excess of 20 supply partners that specialise in Apple accessories ranging from cases and screen protectors to music speakers and stands. Those retailers who know they will be launching iPad 2 are already planning their range of accessories, as are those who see an opportunity for gifting and impulse solutions for the device.

As well as the new iPad 2 products that will be coming to the market, there will undoubtedly be a continuing opportunity for products launched for the original iPad (and Apple devices in general) to be sold as accessories to the iPad 2, and to the many consumers who are locked into 18-24 month contracts on their original iPads.

Thank You Dan!

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