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iPad 2 Reactions: What does David Eads of Kony Solutions think?

Here are some thoughts from David Eads, head of product marketing for Kony Solutions, mobile application specialist and Write Once, Run Everywhere platform provider.

“The iPad 2 is obviously raising the bar for the tablet space. Now that Apple has added another set of features and functionality to benefit consumers, other vendors will work to keep up and provide differentiated abilities. This means the market will continue to fragment and change rapidly, driving the intensely-growing mobile web and mobile app market to new heights.

Nevertheless, it seems clear that the iPad 2 in particular is a dream for consumers to use to consume media with, and provides new opportunities for companies to reach customers and generate new revenue. For example, the improved iPad 2 graphics will strengthen gaming and video content, and provide a better channel for publishers and media companies to monetise their content. The iPad 2 also continues to provide an excellent experience for shopping and even managing personal finances. Physical attributes such as the reduced weight only encourages more usage and the competitors will likely emulate.

Ultimately, the iPad 2 provides businesses and consumers alike with a variety of new opportunities in which to thrive, and will no doubt drive innovation across all players in the industry. However, companies need to constantly keep one eye on the growing fragmentation that the release of the iPad 2 will drive in the market, and to develop an effective mobile strategy across all mobile and tablet devices in order to come out on top.”

Thank You David!

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