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iPad 2 Reactions: What does David Erasmus of Cubate Limited think?

David Erasmus, CEO of Cubate Limited had the following to say. Keep an eye out for them, they’ve got an exciting new project just about to launch! We’re going to find out more about it.

I queued up at 6am like a proper Apple fan boy to get my first iPad. I was excited about a mobile device becoming my “primary machine” I blogged about the day, it was a great experience. . When I got home I realised that rather than a Mobile desktop it was definitely more of a large iPhone. Even the way it synced up to my Mac made it a subsidiary device. I am looking forward to a time when a mobile, touch screen device will become my main work station but for the time being I had to figure out the purpose for the iPad in my life.

I began to realise that the iPad was a brilliant ‘2 person’ device, fantastic for sharing documents and presentations with others, allowing them to hold and take ownership of what I was showing them. It has also been fantastic for train emails where its ‘medium usage’, 30 -40 minutes of commute using the full keyboard and 3G. His helped prevent me getting RSI in my left thumb from iPhone emailing.

I see it as a ‘medium level’ communications device, a 2 person sharing platform and a leisure browsing product. Many of our clients in the Luxury travel sector are currently receiving as much iPad traffic as the other top mobile devices especially in the evenings.

The iPad 2 is what the original iPad should have been, completing the communication suite with camera and face time and fulfilling the creative suite with Garageband ( a personal favourite) and iMovie.

I think this launch will solidify Apple’s thought leader position in the tablet market, I think by the end of 2011 high end travel and leisure brands will be experiencing approximately 5% traffic from iPads alone with conversion rates higher than that of desktops or small screen mobile phones.

Will I be buying one YES.
Will I queue up at 6am, very unlikely.

I will however queue for the Apple device that looks like an iPad but acts like a primary device to get rid of my MacBook Pro.

Thank You David!

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