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iPad 2 Reactions: What does Owen Coles of F5 Networks think?

Here’s what Owen Coles, Technical Director of F5 Networks had to say. F5 Networks provides strategic points of control throughout the IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to scale, adapt, and align with changing business demands and drive business forward on a solid foundation of IT agility.

One of the most exciting features of the iPad 2 is the front facing camera which will allow video conferencing through the FaceTime Application. The application, which is already available on the iPhone 4 requires a solid Wi-Fi connection to run smoothly and whilst not completely new, looks set to push Apple’s latest version to new heights.

The fact that it must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to work is good news for the mobile operators as it will not add to the strain on already overworked mobile networks. However, with 15million original iPad’s sold in nine months, and the ever increasing amount of rival devices flooding the market, Wi-Fi connection speeds and download limits could take a major hit as millions of people across the globe look to take advantage of free video calls.

As with anything there is only so much strain a wireless network can take before it tips over. Although tablets are leading to a more mobile, smarter way of working in the long term it is vital that broadband networks are looked after so they can cope with the new pressures and challenges manufactures such as Apple decide to putting on them.

Thank You Owen!

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