José Valles: The background to BlueVia

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It’s time for the third episode of our BlueVia Introduction series (kindly supported by BlueVia). This time we hear from BlueVia’s top man, José Valles. I was initially planning on doing a 5-6 minute interview with him just to make sure we had his perspective. We spoke together on camera for 20 minutes at Mobile World Congress — and goodness me, it was fascinating. I think perhaps the most exciting element of the interview was the refreshingly direct and hugely enthusiastic manner in which José presented BlueVia.

In this episode, José describes how mobile operators (including Telefonica) have a pretty poor track record when it comes to working with mobile developers. He then sets the scene for BlueVia and describes why Telefonica has introduced the programme.

We’ll have more from José on Monday.

For more information on BlueVia, Telefonica’s developer programme, please visit

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