Lady Geek: Series 3: Episode 4

Once again the ladies are back, and this time they’re unlocking your inner linguist.

Check it out.


This week the Lady Geeks bring out your inner linguist. We give you the power to translate on-the-go! Ovi’s new Multitranslate and Language Master help you speak the native tongue to save you from sounding like you’re speaking in tongues whilst abroad…

Our App of the week is Pixelpipe, a wonderful app that allows you to upload pictures and videos to your blog by the touch of a button.

To be in with a chance to win a fantastic Nokia C6 watch carefully to spot our Lady Geek logo appear somewhere in the episode. Once you’ve spotted her, write where you saw it under this video on our Facebook page –

If you haven’t already, join the Lady Geek community on Facebook/ladygeektv and Twitter @ladygeektv and see how we make technology more fun.”

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