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MIPTV Unveils Content 360 Finalists

It’s almost time for the Content 360 Festival, part of the MIPTV extravaganza held this year in Cannes from April 4th-7th.

Content 360 picks the best and brightest startups across a number of key categories and offers them the chance to pitch to the industry’s great and good.

Out of 157 entries, the finalists are as follows:

Interactive & cross media digital entertainment formats:
sponsored by FremantleMedia and RTL Group

* “Go To The Answer” (The Connected Set, UK)
* “Trix & Trax” (Ven a Kite, Venezuela)
* “Un1que” (Pop Monkey Productions, USA)
* “Give me a Dollar!” (Ed-Online Technologies, Malaysia)

Online and social games:

* “Twar – Twitter War” (Twar, USA)
* “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Social Media Game” (Starz, USA)
* “Reehborn3” (3DDUO, France)
* “Sports Vision” (ODD1 Inc., Canada)
* “Home Sheep Home” (Aardman Digital, UK)

Rich media tablet and social TV apps:

* “Raja Lawak” (Astro Entertainment, Malaysia)
* “Bring it home!” (Telston, South Korea)
* “BeyondTV” (Aleph, Singapore)
* “Sesame Street: Join the Brand” (Sesame Workshop, USA)
* “Roma Virtual History” (Applix / Mondadori, Italy)

Smartphone app for youth engagement:
sponsored by The National Film Board of Canada

* “Media Undone smartPhone Apps” (PinkPom Digital, Canada)
* “This is me” (Twentysix, UK)
* Sexy Inc (Australian Documentaries, Australia)
* Sexy Inc – Diss the hypersexualisation Pimps (Appsfactory, Germany)

Congratulations to all the finalists! And stay tuned for more from the Content 360 Festival, MIPTV and Connected Creativity in the coming weeks. All things being equal, Ewan will try and get as many of them on camera as possible.

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