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Nokia’s Marco Argenti on Ovi Life Tools

MEF Americas 2010 Content & Commerce

At the MEF Americas 2010 Content & Commerce event in Miami recently I sat down with Nokia’s top Ovi man, Marco Argenti, to ask him about Ovi Life Tools.

Whilst most of us in the West are busy obsessing over whether or not we’ve got to the next level with Angry Birds, the vast majority of the world’s mobile users are actually depending on their technology to help, rather than entertain. Life Tools is a good example. Think tools for agriculture, education, health and basic email communications. These are critical services for those who depend on the technology in such a different way that we do here in the West.

Ovi Life Tools is one of Nokia’s most laudable achievements and is live in numerous countries including Indonesia, China and Nigeria. Have a watch of Marco’s video to find out more.

By Ewan

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