Reporter films story entirely with his iPad 2

Mike McNeill, a reporter working for Fox channel Southeast Texas Live, used his iPad 2 to record a whole segment from his local liquor store.

He did a pretty good job of it too. I wonder if we’ll see more of these kind of self-filmed reports appearing on television soon — the production costs must be ridiculously cheap compared to taking a full crew.

(Got this via the TUAW story)

By Ewan

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8 replies on “Reporter films story entirely with his iPad 2”

I’m really wondering about the impact iMovie will make on the iPad2. I’m guessing we’ll see an explosion of videos on Youtube that are more polished because of iMovie on the iPad.

It looks like he’s filming with the front-facing camera, because he’s looking at the screen occasionally. I’d say the video quality is plenty good enough!

Oh dear. This sort of thing should be banned unless you use Nokia N8-grade equipment. i.e. the Nokia N8 😉

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