The CC Ventures finalists are revealed

Congratulations to the companies who’ve made it through to the CC Ventures final at the upcoming Connected Creativity event in Cannes.

Each company will be pitching on the Wednesday session in the Hotel Majestic. All things being equal, I will be there to cheer them on — and to get them on camera if possible.

Here are the finalists:


CamUp is changing the digital entertainment landscape; revolutionizing how people interact with each other and how they enjoy and share media content. Users are transformed from passive spectators to active participants, on CamUp people become media.

CamUp offers unrivalled interaction within groups of people: users can create virtual rooms together with their friends in which to upload and embed any multimedia content including audio, pictures, and videos. They can consume content together in real time, play multiplayer games, and simultaneously interact via chat and webcams. Rooms can be customized and preloaded by companies, and offer an ideal platform for social interactive transmedia content.


CogniK provides innovative solutions to help media companies monetize existing content catalogues and audiences. At CogniK, we have built the next-generation content discovery solutions. More screens get connected and piles of professional content are available online, ready for monetization. Media and Telecom companies need to be able to provide a seamless experience to
their users when accessing content. Navigating huge catalogues of videos on the tiny screen of a smartphone or with the 5 keys of a TV remote control is not an option.
Media and telecom companies create personalized TV channels from existing catalogues of on-demand branded content and take into account personal preferences and social recommendations to dynamically re-create the well known linear experience of a broadcast channel on any connected screen

Fairplay Interactive

Fair Play Interactive developed the Younicast™ IPTV/Cable TV/OTT platform, which allows the distribution of 100% PERSONALIZED and interactive LINEAR TV channels. Driving the on-going transition from audience to CRM: The Younicast™ platform paves the way to user-centric TV channels freed from all schedule constraints, 100% personalized and interactive, auto-adapting to the TV viewer’s liking, mood and availability, and not the other way round. Younicast™ provides a disruptive innovation without disrupting consumers TV habits, preserving the natural semi-passive couch potato consumption of the TV medium


An Augmented Reality publishing first. The story of The Dibidogs – already familiar to many television viewers – has now been retold in a unique book form. Rocky, Emmie and their canine buddies pursue a thrilling adventure in this vividly-illustrated book.

In an exciting new revelation, the book contains interactive 3D animations. Pointing a webcam at markers on the pages produces 3D Dibidogs figures that pop out of the book. The characters welcome readers to places familiar from the TV show. By moving the camera, the user can make the dogs jump, roll over or move on to the next stage of the story.

With augmented reality, print and digital industries are becoming one, for the first time in history. This makes the format extremely attractive to media companies with both TV and print operations.

Hit Me Baby
Hit Me Baby is a music creation and collaboration platform that allows users to write hit songs with successful artists and share them virally. It is a full media property comprising smartphone and tablet app, website, social game, TV format and live event.

Hit Me Baby uses its propriety, extremely sharable, scalable, digital tool to reach critical mass via social networks. By employing participation from superstar artists it engages audiences and drives music consumption. It will also serve as a digital business platform for artists and will develop into a fully immersive social gaming experience that can be accessed across the web, mobile, TV & tablet devices


Hitlantis unites music lovers and great unsigned music with the best content discovery currently available on the web. Hitlantis’ action map shows clearly who’s hot and who’s recently just
entered the game and where’s the most buzz going on.

Browsing new music in Hitlantis is almost like browsing real physical products in a records store – Internet’s never offered that before! Bands may use Hitlantis for free to be found easier than
ever before, and should they want to participate in great competitions to win live gigs, studio time and record company pitching they can opt out to premium service. – who’s next?


Invideous are interactive video specialists focused on video monetization and increasing social engagement with video. The business has a strong commercial focus with experience and products spanning both ad-funded and pay-per-view content monetization.

Invideous launched an in-video pay-wall product in 2010 which works on a cross-platform basis and allows publishers to easily charge for their video content. They also have a class-defining hotspot-based ad format and pre-roll ad middleware platform.

SocialView, the company’s suite of social tools actively drive traffic to a publisher’s content and then increase engagement rates once the user is there.


Jakaa is a social entertainment media dedicated to television and based on live commenting of TV shows and programs. When connected on Jakaa, you can know what your friends are watching and choose to comment publicly or privately. Jakaa also enhances the TV experience through games and animations related to live events, on any show or network.

Jakaa provides a conversational platform around a single subject: live TV. It creates a live feedback source and can provide a way for shows or networks to engage their audience and improve their loyalty to a show. Jakaa aims to create a reference on the second screen (laptop, smartphone, tablet next to the TV) for a majority of web/TV users in Europe.

Lorenzi TV

Sports coverage in most countries is limited to very few sports (or every 4 years during the Olympics). In France, TV networks focus on football, rugby and major championships. In October 2010, we launched the first live on-demand web sports TV and produce and broadcast every sport abandoned by TV. We offer one of the best image quality online, a pay-per-view system and the possibility to tweet and share with friends on Facebook. The offer is completely legal as we buy rights for every sport we broadcast. To date, we are the official media partner of the following professional championships in France: Volleyball, Basketball, Waterpolo, Synchronized Swimming and Boxing … and many more to come.


Mediabong is a professional online video marketplace and video advertising, optimization solutions provider. It gathers producers & content owners, web publishers and brands/agencies.

Mediabong provides them with two solutions:
– Video sponsoring based on “brand values”
– Allows brands to search for professional online video corresponding to their values
– Syndication of the content on publishers’ network.

These solutions provide each stakeholder with what it looks for:
– Content protection & extra revenues for producers
– Professional content and revenues for publishers
– Quality content+automatic matching values+audience+metrics for brands/agencies


Stupeflix develops a platform to enable video creation. It comes in two flavors, a web application for people and an API for developers. We came up with a model for designing video scenes that is simple enough for beginners to use instinctively, but allows the creation of sophisticated video clips that are rendered in realtime.

Stupeflix enables consumers to express themselves through video, and publishers to automatically turn their content into beautiful video animations, effortlessly creating TV-like channels that are fed in real-time with their web content as it changes.

Good luck everyone! There’s more information here on CC Ventures here.

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