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Try the Viewsonic View Pad 7 free: Nice idea!

Now then I think this is a pretty cool idea. On Monday morning, the team at Viewsonic went live with their new marketing message. I suspect it’s designed to attract the attention of those consumers currently wedded to the concept of anything starting with an ‘i’.

The offer? Try the Viewsonic View Pad 7 absolutely free.

For a moment I thought you might just have to type in some credit card details and boom, the Viewpad arrives the next morning. (This would be rather exciting. What would be even more exciting is if they offered to bike it to you within 60 minutes! That would probably have me reaching for the order button pretty quickly.)

This kind of deal requires quite a bit of logistics — so Viewsonic have sorted out the next best thing: Buy the View Pad 7 and if you’re not entirely happy with it, you’ll be able to return it within 30 days to get a full refund. They’ll even refund the cost of postage up to the value of a tenner.

James Coulson, European marketing manager, ViewSonic, explains:

“There are many people that have heard about the new Tablet trend but for various reasons have not yet dived in. Working with Google, we want people to have a good first Tablet experience, risk free. Customers taking up the offer can use our devices for 30 days free of charge in order to overcome any initial learning curves and really start to appreciate the potential of Android on a great device. The ViewPad 7 is a perfect start into the world of touch technology.”

I haven’t tried the View Pad, however I’m in agreement with James — I think it could well be a rather good introduction to the world of tablets.

Here’s a bit more about the device:

The ViewPad 7 has been designed to fit into and enhance everyday life, offering the latest certified Google Android experience with access to Google mail, navigation and maps. The ultra light, yet durable design means the device is ideal for anyone who needs a mobile connection whilst on the move. The ViewPad 7 is an Android 2.2 Tablet with integrated phone capabilities, Bluetooth, wireless, GPS and MP3/video playback, allowing users to keep abreast of the latest news and use social media.

The device is currently retailing for an eminently reasonable £288 on Amazon.

For more information check out:

Nice one Viewsonic!

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