Unlimited Drinks — Update

Right then, Unlimited Drinks, the world’s only truly unlimited drink event with a fair-usage policy, is cominatcha. In just under three weeks time.

I’m working on the venue. There are a few possibilities I’ve settled on:

– TechHub — Mike Butcher reminded me of this venue and I think it would be a good idea to do something there. I need to go and have a look around though. I think this would require a lot of logistics on our part in terms of shipping in drinks. Highly doable and good-for-the-silicon-roundabout. I think we’d need to get a job lot of Dominos or Papa Johns. Again, doable.

– Dishoom — a restaurant in Covent Garden owned by the brother of Raam Thrakar, founder of Touchnote. I think it will do 50 people but that’s all. So perhaps we’ll go to Dishoom for the MIR Meals I’ve been planning.

– The ‘Whatsit’ Bar — I can’t remember the name of it, but the place we did the last events just off Regent Street. They do food, too.

I will settle on a location shortly and then, boom, we’ll have a date and time.

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check out the guys at (James and Steve) not sure if they will be open in time – but would an interesting place for a party.

Hows about the Firestation at Waterloo? No better connection, chilled out, loads of couches/booths too.

I’d have thought so – probably the same size as the last one I went to –
maybe call them and ask?

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