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10% of British teenagers think it’s ok to text whilst having sex #mipcc

At Connected Creativity this week, one of the presentations I was really looking forward to seeing was the one from industry commentator, author and consultant, Tomi Ahonen. His task was to discuss the growth of mobility around the globe in the context of the media and entertainment industry audience at the event. I think he did a super job of shocking people into mobile reality. I remember looking around the packed room seeing people paying close attention or writing down notes furiously.

The title of this post — 10% of British teenagers think it’s ok to text whilst having sex — was just one small research statistic that Tomi threw out to the audience. That really got a lot of people thinking.

Knowing that most of the people in the audience were content producers from Hollywood and around the globe, Tomi’s message was clear: Look to the revenue streams that you can access right now, today — SMS and MMS. It’s easy to ignore these mediums. It really is, especially in the context of the App explosion.

However Tomi pointed out that last year, entertainment companies grossed half a billion dollars from SMS text voting revenues in America alone. He also gave an interesting MMS-usage example, citing one newspaper in China that’s converted 39% of it’s readers to a daily MMS news service that’s generating pots of money.

In true shakey-cam glory, I managed to get 8 minutes of Tomi’s presentation on the iPhone — have a watch and see how the audience reacts to his points:


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