APPNATION roars into view — make sure you’re there!

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One of the best conferences in mobile applications is taking place toward the end of this month. I’m pretty disappointed to not be able to make it.

It’s obviously taking place in San Francisco — where else, but the centre of the mobile applications world?

Last year, the inaugural APPNATION was thoroughly well received and this year, it looks like the organisers have made it even better. The speaking roster is a regular Who’s Who in mobile apps. Jeff Scott of 148Apps. Mike Rowehl, Carlo Longino, Tim Chang — those are just some of the names who pop out immediately for me (i.e. I know they’re good).

Vijay Chattah of VSC Consulting is leading one track on App Marketing Do’s and Donts. Then Noah Kravitz of Technobuffalo is talking app stores — I’d go to APPNATION just to see each of these chaps speak.

The discussion is set to be fascinating. It’s painful reading the agenda because I can see just what I will be missing. Jonathan from Nielsen will set the scene with his keynote. Then Trip Hawkins of Digital Chocolate will deliver the opening address, then it’s on to discussion about the app economy, then the App Rockstars take to the stage… yup. If you’re in the Valley or if you can get to the Valley, I recommend taking some time out to go along.

Now then, if you’re quick, you can still qualify for a massive 30% discount on entry if you use the code AMIR30 at checkout. But do be quick. Here’s the registration link.

The event is taking place on the 27th-28th April.

By Ewan

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One reply on “APPNATION roars into view — make sure you’re there!”

Definitely going to be an exciting conference. To me, the rising profile of Appnation completely makes sense. After all, mobile apps are now an integral part of the software economy! I guess its no surprise that my employer Qualcomm chose to also sponsor this year’s event; a first for us. One of many data points of the the growing interest in the topics to be presented.

My colleague Leon Farasati will be on a panel about tuning apps for the unique nuances built into each mobile processor, and I’ll be chatting about what we’re doing to enable Web Apps with the same performance and richness of Native ones.

The Native vs Web app debate is no longer only for the desktop, so look forward to the conversation!

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