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Carphone Warehouse’s ultimate off-road Motorola Xoom 3G test video

I have been giving serious thought to purchasing a Motorola Xoom 3G tablet.


Well. It’s almost obligatory.

Like most mobile media folk, I’ve had hands-on, I’ve had-a-play. But that isn’t good enough. Not when you’re an international jetsetter mobile influencer. I have a policy of making sure that, all things being equal, I own and use (or at least, attempt to use) the best and brightest new technology out there.

So I’m giving a lot of thought to getting a Xoom to properly experience.

Furthermore, I’m thinking carefully about whether to get an unlocked one or to get it with-a-sim. I have to admit that the Carphone Warehouse ‘never pay for internet again’ advertisements are working on me.

Every time I walk by a Carphone Warehouse, I can’t help but look. Their Talk Mobile MVNO actually does offer ‘unlimited’ data. Proper unlimited. No messing around, no fair use policy. Talk Mobile uses Vodafone. So this is a rather efficient way of getting a high quality Vodafone connection that doesn’t come with the company’s rather limited ‘unlimited’ standard offering.

The deal I’ve been looking at is a 24-month contract at £25/month, plus £199.99 for the device. Total cost of ownership over 2 years? £799.99. But that, of course, includes the service plan as well.

IMG 20110416 00003

I tweeted that I’ve been looking and got a nice hello from Carphone Warehouse in response.

Then the team there sent me a link to this video.

It’s definitely worth your time.

Almost 60,000 folk have watched it — and I can see why.

The Carphone Warehouse team has taken the standard piece-to-camera device introduction that we’re all accustomed to seeing from retailers nowadays and they’ve hit it for six.

Half way through the introduction, Richard Smith (from Carphone’s Fenchurch Street store) strides out on to the street with the Xoom in his hand, declaring, “Why don’t we give it a proper test drive?”

The camera follows as he jumps on to a bike and boom, before you know it, he’s on boat, a horse, a car… Worth a look.

Here’s the video:

Nice marketing Carphone Warehouse, excellent work everyone. Really nice marketing. I took one look at the video and thought, “Yeah, I should get one…”

By Ewan

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