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Continuing our video episodes from last week’s Unlimited Drinks, next up is Darryl Ashing. Darryl is a very, very useful chap. There comes a time in all budding entrepreneurial careers when the realities of cash flow begin to hit home only too vividly. Darryl, as founder of Ashings Chartered Accountants, is your man. It’s better to know Darryl before you actually need his help so he can avoid you ever needing to stare at the wall in blind panic should the tax authorities call for a natter.

Darryl specialises in helping startups start-up properly. He’s a taskmaster at it all, from the initial shareholder agreements, options arrangements to sorting out the finance.

In this video we asked Darryl to give us an overview of the kinds of mistakes he typically ends up fixing for startups (many of which are increasingly based directly in the mobile field nowadays).

Unlimited Drinks was kindly supported by Qualcomm — thank you very much to all at the company for their help. You can find out more about Qualcomm’s support for Unlimited Drinks at this post from last week.

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