Ewan MacLeod, Stuart Dredge, Ben Smith, Rafe Blandford on video, in Cannes

The organisers of MIPTV’s Connected Creativity conference have wasted no time in getting the video from last week’s event up on to Youtube. Which means that amongst other sessions, you can now watch the Crowd-Sourced-Wrap-Up session from Thursday afternoon featuring:

– Me (doing the moderating)
– Stuart Dredge (Mobile Entertainment magazine, Guardian)
– Cedric Giorgi (TechCrunch France and Seesmic)
– Ben Smith (Wirelessworker.net, The Really Mobile Project)
– Rafe Blandford (All About Symbian)

There were some good points made by the panel — I particularly enjoyed the discussion about the crowd-funding of television shows. (This is also an excellent opportunity to check out MIR favourites Ben Smith and Rafe Blandford ‘in the flesh’ as I hurl questions at them.)

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  • Shame the sound is so low, best get my hearing aids in.

  • Turn it up to 11, Micky!

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