Get a White iPhone 4 from 3UK… tomorrow!


So I wrote a little while ago asking if anybody really cares about the upcoming White iPhone.

I don’t.

At least, I don’t think I do. Perhaps that view might change dramatically if I actually had one in my hand.

Come to think of it, I do like the idea of being rather different from the millions of iPhone 4 users I keep seeing around London.

But, to the news. It’s here. Finally! The white iPhone is no longer an apparition drifting in the future geek haze. You can, as Nigel on the Three blog points out, pick one up from any 3Store tomorrow (or buy online).

Who’s getting one then?

By Ewan

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4 replies on “Get a White iPhone 4 from 3UK… tomorrow!”

Actually in theory it could if i locked to 2G signal only, Could not do that on Three :). But thats just me being a smart arse and no one likes a smart arse 😉

In the interests of proving that this site is not afflicted with a nasty case of iFanboyism (a terrible disease) I would like to also see a story dedicated solely to announcing the forthcoming pink N8:

FTA: ” I think we should have an event for the launch of the pink N8. Huge fanfare, street parties and everything. All the news outlets would be going crazy with this breaking news. No? It’s just the same phone in a different colour. I see. Don’t let jobs and co hear that. Imagine iPhone was also to come in Pink. I think more fuss would be made about a pink iPhone than if a mighty being came down from above to announce the end of the world.”

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