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Keep an eye on Microsoft — Windows Phone is iterating fast

Jay Greene over at CNET posted a useful overview of Microsoft’s latest activities with Windows Phone.

Microsoft offered today its most detailed look yet into the next version of Windows Phone, code-named Mango, at the companys annual show for Web and phone developers.

via Microsoft gives details on next Windows Phone OS | Microsoft – CNET News.

If you haven’t checked out Windows Phone yet, I recommend you talk to one of your team and have them put one in front of you. Better yet, swap to it for a week and see what you make of it. For a version 1.0 product, it’s really rather smart.

But when the iteration begins, that’s when the excitement starts. Witness, for example, the Quantas scenario that Jay highlights. All integrated deeply with Microsoft’s desktop and enterprise facilities too.

Consumers and Microsoft Geeks (there are a LOT of Visual Studio coders out there) are reacting well to the platform. I know we haven’t seen much in the way of sales figures yet, however I won’t be surprised if the next raft of Windows Phone handsets get a rather good push from the operators around the world. Add in Nokia and their legendary distribution, hardware and experience, it all gets rather exciting.

Speaking of Nokia, I’m pleased to read that Mr Ovi (Marco Argenti) made an appearance at the Microsoft event. I’m looking forward to seeing the fruits of the Nokia-Microsoft collaboration soon.

By Ewan

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2 replies on “Keep an eye on Microsoft — Windows Phone is iterating fast”

In the U.S. Microsoft owns the enterprise. We have long advocated once Microsoft gets their Windows Phone OS running they will be a force to be reckoned with inside the corporations. Too many CIOs love Microsoft and want something simple to integrate their enterprise with. Watch Microsoft continue to grow…and explode once Nokia comes online!

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