Nokia’s new E6 and X7 keep the Symbian excitement alive

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Now then, I used the word ‘excitement‘ in the title with a straight face. I don’t think it’s blow-the-doors-off excitement per se — but there’s definitely genuine interest out there in the marketplace to see what’s new from Nokia. These two devices look pretty hot. I mean that in a genuine manner. I do like the look of the E6. I still have a small longing in the back of my consciousness for my old Nokia E61 running Good Mobile Messaging. What a joy that was, back in the day. The E6 looks like a much sexier revision.

The X7? Personally, I don’t think that’s my kind of phone — I just really, really like the QWERTY keyboard experience, however the styling is sure to catch a lot of Symbian hearts. That, and the 8 megapixel camera.

Both devices are running the all new Symbian Anna version. Again, this is good news. If I was to summarise, I’d say it’s quite-a-bit-nicer.

Indeed, this is the kind of revision that we needed to see about 1.5 years ago.

But how things have changed for Nokia — in a good way. These devices — genuinely nice additions to the Symbian range — would have been absolutely panned just 60 days ago. But the Nokia-Microsoft move has — finally — brought a lot of more patience (or should that be, tolerance?) into the marketplace where Nokia’s Symbian devices are concerned. What’s rather interesting is even a lot of the iMedia (the tech media that’s been roundly against Nokia and Symbian for years) is paying attention properly. I’ve had numerous enquiries from the West Coast about these devices and the new Anna version of Symbian from a whole range of publications who’d normally be sure to base themselves a billion miles away from anything to do with Nokia. This can only be good news for Nokia.

I look forward to getting hands-on with the devices at some point soon. Meanwhile, check out Mr Blandford’s array of E6 and X7 (and Symbian Anna) content.

And visit the E6/X7 intro site here:

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