T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding Dance ft Catherine Middleton & Prince William (almost)

You are likely to be asked about this video by people you meet over the next few weeks. Continuing their slightly different approach to advertising, T-Mobile today present their take on the upcoming Royal Wedding (which is, by the way, just about the biggest thing of note to happen in the UK for a long time.

Set your expectations to ‘rough likeness’. Heh. It’s good to hear that East 17 track again.

Here’s the sponsored video from T-Mobile:

By the way, it’s not Kate Middleton anymore, is it? Better get used to Princess Catherine.

By Ewan

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9 replies on “T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding Dance ft Catherine Middleton & Prince William (almost)”

Not at all – within the opening few frames I knew exactly where it was going. I’ve really like T-Mobile’s other adverts but alas I think the shark has been jumped now.

Your site is important; the issue is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about. Im really happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this issue ..

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