Why the PlayBook’s doesn’t need native email at launch

Mr CrackBerry explains why RIM’s all new PlayBook will hit the marketplace without native email/PIM support…

There is no doubt in my mind that the single biggest point of confusion and concern amongst the uninformed surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is the sentiment that you need to own a BlackBerry Smartphone in order to use a BlackBerry PlayBook in other words, the PlayBook is an accessory to a BlackBerry Smartphone, vs. a tablet device that can stand up on its own. Ive had friends, readers and my next door neighbor raise this issue with me, and last week I even witnessed WSJs Walt Mossberg relay this same notion/misunderstanding when he was a moderator on a panel discussion at CTIA.

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One reply on “Why the PlayBook’s doesn’t need native email at launch”

Is his article meant to help, or just confuse people? So up front it states there’s some confusion as to whether the tablet is a standalone device or an accessory to a BlackBerry SmartPhone. Okay. I can get that.

Which one is it? I’ve read his article and I’m none the wiser as to which or both of the above the PlayBook is. Sounds like it’s a standalone table device fine, one where email isn’t a focus (but available over the web), ok no problem. Not something that you’re going to want to give up your smartphone (BlackBerry or otherwise for).

So the conclusion is that it’s a standalone device, and not an accesssory to a BlackBerry SmartPhone? Right?

Who ever said it was an accessory to a BlackBerry SmartPhone (as opposed to any other smartphone?) in the first place?


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