Another nonsensical text from Vodafone


Can’t you please just tell me what I’ve used in pounds, Vodafone, rather than this ridiculous mathematical slight of hand? I’ve used 3mb at the rate of £3 per meg? Why can’t you just tell me I’ve used £9? Ah dear. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

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 Because that would be telling. I get sent texts telling me that I’ve used “nearly all of my 500Mb allocation” when I actually have 1Gb allocation and haven’t even used half of it.

Hang on: £3 per 1MB is the same as £15 per 5MB isn’t it? Are they deliberately trying to obfuscate the truth or do they just like the sound of their own text voice? Or does that mean if you use 6MB they charge you as if you’ve used 10MB? Argh!

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