Aviv Goren of SundaySky demonstrates video bill technology

Here is an interesting video from Ewan’s recent visit at Amdocs Miami. Over to Ewan:

I popped by the SundaySky stand at the Amdocs InTouch 2011 event to meet Aviv Goren. One of the company’s key products is video bill technology that automatically creates a personalised overview video of your latest bill. It’s aimed at mobile operators (and other utility companies) to help easily explain usage to consumers. I think it’s a brilliant way of delivering information an easily digestible manner to consumers. Aviv points out during his demonstration that the technology is helping operators significantly reduce customer care costs related to bill queries. Good news! While I think it’s a great idea, our video editor Momchil is not sold on the concept — pointing out that this facility offers the operator the ability to prioritise certain sections of the bill. I do agree — however I also think that a consumer is more likely to ‘read’ (or look at) a 2 minute video rather than pages of data.

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