First look at Orange’s Samsung Tocco Quick Tap

Thanks to Orange I managed to get hold of the all new Samsung Tocco handset with Quick Tap contactless payments support.

I filmed a quick video overview with Socialcam to show you what it’s all about. I did a semi-unboxing (I’d already switched on the phone) and then I set about messing around with the included NFC stuff. The chaps at Orange (and Barclaycard) have done a rather nice job of explaining the activation process clearly and easily. They’ve even included a series of test NFC cards to play with so you can get the idea.

The next step is to get my Barclaycard activated and go and use it. As per tonight’s post from San Diego, I’m actually out of the country this week so I’ll get stuck into Quick Tap (ideally at the local Pret in Richmond, UK) shortly.

I have to say the lure of convenience is weighing heavily upon me after having played with the Tocco. Although at £60, the Tocco is most definitely not targeted at my bleeding-edge requirements, the ability to be able to forgo the shrapnel-hunt-shuffle dance at numerous cash registers is filling me with excitement.

A few people have asked me what the difference is between the Tocco with Quick Tap support and the existing ‘PayPass enabled’ Barclaycard I already have.

Well. The answer is simple. It’s not the same.

Yes I will still carry credit cards. And I’ll still have to arse around with cash in the near-term. And, I’m sure, when the Tocco runs out of battery, it won’t be that useful for paying for stuff. But that’s not the point. No. The point for me is that being able to swipe my mobile at a pay point for the most mundane transactions will — ever so slightly — increase my quality of life. And I’m well up for that.

And an ultra quick response? The phone is usually already in my hand, the credit card is not.

Right then — here’s the video overview I made on Friday:

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