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Bababoo is VOIP done right — check it out


I recorded this phone blog via the all new, ultra brilliant new VOIP service that’s set to grow like wildfire. It’s called Bababoo and it’s really, really good. I normally don’t have any time for VOIP services that actually make my calling experience shitter. Bababoo uses the exact same dial screen that you’re accustomed to on your iPhone. Of course, user-to-user calls are absolutely free, but if you need to call out of the Bababoo network, the charges are eminently reasonable.

Give it a shot. Let me know what you think.

So that you can judge the quality, the recording below was made via my iPhone running on the hotel WiFi and calling out from the Bababoo network to the phonecasting service.

And if you’d like a nice introduction to the service, check out their video:

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5 replies on “Bababoo is VOIP done right — check it out”

“right” is how nokia supports VoIP (SIP at least) where once configured it really is no different to making a pstn call. Then take the N900 as a more sophisticated example where any provider can be plugged in (skype, gtalk etc) and again same dialler just with a dropdown to select which service to use. Incoming calls behave just the same too – totally transparent.

That’s voip done right?

@google-e1c8f25cf29dcee639583ba7638d9bb0:disqus : ***”once configured”*** – I’ll give you £1,000 if Ewan’s mum can configure VoIP on a Nokia. In fact, if ANYONE with less than a BTech and several hours to spare can.

@ewan: No, no she cannot use VoIP on a Nokia. Neither can I . But I bet she could install Bababoo and place a call to you within 60 seconds.

Does the N900 fall-back through a series of connection methods until it’s routing calls over PSTN? Does it present the same CLI and a unified billing platform across all those services? 

It could… but then you’ve just built Bababoo’s infrastructure.SIP is technology. Bababoo (and Viber etc etc – I’m not saying it’s unique in these characteristics) is a consumer product.

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