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Jaguar’s all new BlackBerry-enabled driving console

The BlackBerry World Showcase area was heaving every day of the event — and one of the segments getting a lot of attention was the Jaguar area. You could hardly miss the huge good-looking Jaguar sitting proudly in the corner of the exhibition. It was there to demonstrate the all new BlackBerry-enabled driving console/computer that will shortly be coming to a vehicle near you. Peter Virk of Jaguar Land Rover gave me a tour around the new functionality. I have to say, I was pretty impressed. This is the kind of complete integration that will most definitely influence my choice of car purchase. (However as a big Range Rover fan, I’m hopeful that something like this might make it’s way to those soon… Peter couldn’t confirm that but did highlight the name of the company he worked for: Jaguar Land Rover! I won’t hold my breath but you never know. Perhaps the new Evoque might get something like this. Check it out and see what you think.

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I’m sorry, but *what* is under his lip? And that Jag has a lot of chrome in it.  Ewww…

‘Available late 2012’? Is that the longest-possible product lead-time ever?

Very interesting technology
Started to make me think about apps we could deliver specifically for use in car, what i’m not sure?
Been really missing Google on my Range Rover touch screen. Almost out of the dark ages not to be able to Google things in general conversation!

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