Unlimited Drinks April Survey Results

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Hello — Ewan here — at the most recent Unlimited Drinks we decided to do a quick survey of the attendees. My initial idea was to give everyone a pen and an A5 sheet of paper with three easy questions on it. However eventually we ended up having Momchil walk and talk to every attendee to record their results on a spreadsheet (using a Nokia Booklet 3G laptop — the battery lasted the whole evening).

I’m pleased to say that the results are in and they do make interesting reading. Just before that though, I’d like to thank Qualcomm and their Snapdragon platform for supporting the event.

Right then, over to Momchil.

– – – – –

This is Momchil here with an overview of the results from the survey at the recent Unlimited Drinks. I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this initiative. Thanks to the strong involvement of all participants, the results are very colourful and interesting.


What is the most important attribute you look for in a phone or tablet?

A. Processing and graphics performance

B. Power management capabilities

C. Size

D. Screen resolution

E. Other (please state)



The first question clearly engaged all participants as more than 50% chose “Other” and gave their own perspective. The answers were so impressive we decided to provide a separate breakdown of  them below. Out of the four pre-suggested answers (A,B,C and D), the most popular was “A” – Processing and graphics performance. The choice of 15% of the participants was B – Power management capabilities. Just 8% were concerned about the “Size” of the device, as we are all prepared to carrying bulky handhelds as long as they do the job. Just 3% found the Screen Resolution of significant importance, which probably wouldn’t be the case several years ago.

QUESTION 1, Answer “E” – Other

User Experience was one of the favourite “Other” answers, with 12% considering it the most important attribute of their Smartphone or Tablet. Equally important are Operating System and Applications. Nearly 10% expressed their brand loyalty to the big “Apple” – “Latest iPhone” and “Apple Logo” being some of the Apple fans’ answers.


In your view, what do you see as the most exciting technology currently making its way onto phones or tablets?

A. Console quality games

B. LTE connectivity

C. Advanced Augmented Reality


E. Other (please state)


Clearly the most exciting technology currently making its way onto phones and tables is NFC, as more than 40% of the participants have indicated. Advanced Augmented Reality is second, closely followed by LTE connectivity. Just 10% found Console Quality Games more exciting than any of the other answers. There were very few “Other” answers; Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology and Contextualised Content amongst the most interesting.


What do you see as being the most important future wireless technology?

A. Wireless health monitoring

B. Wireless charging technology

C. Femtocells


E. Other (please state)



The most popular answer for Question 3 was LTE, closely followed by Wireless Charging. Wireless health monitoring was seen as the most important wireless technology by 13% of the participants. The least favourite answer was “C” – Femtocells, and there were several “Other” views. “Mobile Payments” was the most popular alternative answer; and the most extravagant views were “Wireless Everywhere” and “Device Independence”.

Stand by for details on the next Unlimited Drinks event. Further details to follow soon!

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