BlueBox is a brilliant DropBox client for the PlayBook

Have you picked up your new PlayBook yet? One of the key applications you’re probably going to want to download right-away from App World is BlueBox. It’s a fantastic DropBox client with a whole host of brilliant features that appear to be a heck of a lot better than the official DropBox clients I’ve got on other platforms. For example, the ability to create new folders and cut/paste/rename files.

Of course since the PlayBook has a file system, the whole thing works very well indeed. You can easily download files on to your device then re-upload as you wish.

The client is free — but it looks like there’s a ‘Plus’ premium version coming soon. I think I’ll definitely be buying that one.

Have a quick look of BlueBox working with this video I made:

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You moron – what playbook needs is dropbox, the blackberry smartphone has it. Why doesn’t playbook? Be true to yourself Ewan. 

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