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iPad 2 and iPhone 4, £99 on 24-month contract

I just came across this advert on the back of one of the Telegraph supplements this morning. The deal looks pretty good to me. Yes, it does require a 24-month commitment and £99 up front. But at £65 per month, you will get both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4. I think there will be a subset of the UK market that will find this a very appealing offer. It’s good marketing from Orange. I’m really pleased to see it. Obviously if you are considering an iPhone then chances are that an iPad won’t be too far from your thoughts. And if their customers are going to buy an iPad, then why shouldn’t Orange take that revenue? And get the iPad locked on to an Orange data plan? I like it.

Two for one!

More information and ordering details here.

By Ewan

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I thought from title that providing an iPad2 and building into bundle an iPad4 was a great idea. Assure me of an upgrade so I will stay with you. 

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