More of this please, Vodafone


Well then it makes a nice change getting a text message like this from Vodafone. After repeatedly visiting the States and having to put up with the three-quid-a-meg deal, the £2 for 25mb of roaming data each day seems positively joyous.

Interestingly, I have been in Germany two days now and I still haven’t used up the 25mb daily allowance. Standard BlackBerry usage seems to generate a small amount of data overhead. However, I am intentionally limiting myself at the moment. Again, this is because of that flipping annoying £1/meg ‘overage’ charge. Indeed, sending this screenshot from the BlackBerry will probably add half-a-meg’s usage to my total.

We’re getting there. The 11p/text rate is certainly doable.

The 75p per call charge (and then your domestic rate plan) is equally tolerable. You should know, Vodafone, that again, subconsciously, I’m limiting my spend with you in that regard. I actually find myself emailing my wife to check she’s around to receive a call, so I don’t end up paying 75p for a 5-second call to her voicemail.

So, Vodafone, I’d really like you to experiment with different price rates. What will it take to get me to relax with roaming charges and not to think about it?

Given that MACH (the mobile roaming experts) report that a massive 42% of travelers actually switch off roaming), what would it take to get me to totally ignore the roaming charges like I do when I’m on the domestic network?

I reckon something like this:

– 25p per call
– 50mb inclusive per day, or something like 10p/meg

But you know what? I think Vodafone’s pricing for Europe is certainly getting there. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Posted via email from MIR Live

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