PlayBook advertising: “Yeah. You should have waited.”

You should have waited

I burst out laughing when I saw this poster at Manchester Piccadilly Station last night. There’s a load of them spread out across the concourse. I know the photo is particularly bad because of a rather bright light in the way — sorry — however I wanted to capture it for posterity.

The poster reads: “Yeah. You should have waited.” in big big bold blue text, with, “Available from 16 June” underneath.


I very much like the bold approach!

By Ewan

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7 replies on “PlayBook advertising: “Yeah. You should have waited.””

Does RIM *want* a head-to-head with an iPad?

That would be an interesting thing to see.

I don’t know if they do actually — the PlayBook is ideal for the enterprise
… but that’s not sexy anymore thanks to Apple’s efforts

So they wanted to take back the enterprise space that Apple kicked the door down on with the iPhone and now iPad. Maybe for people told categorically that they cannot have an iPad, and already have a Blackberry. Maybe it’s for them. Maybe they will make a faux leatherette beltholster for it so the chino brigade can sling it like a 6-shooter?

Oh, hang on:

“Ratcheting belt clip holster included”

I am truly lost for words. Anyone arriving at my office wearing a ***TABLET HOLSTER*** would be thrown into the Thames.

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