Spotted a PlayBook in the wild today

Sitting at Gate A4 at Berlin’s Tegel Airport this afternoon, I spotted a young chap playing with a BlackBerry PlayBook. Apart from the various BlackBerry and mobile events I’ve attended recently, this is the first time I’ve seen a civilian actually using a PlayBook.

I spotted it across the gate — the chap was playing (I presume) Need for Speed, tipping the PlayBook left and right, his face filled with concentration. There were quite a few folk watching over his shoulders. I didn’t take a picture. I could have done, but you know what folk are like now in airports. I didn’t want anyone screaming ‘terrorist’ because I was snapping a photo.

Anyay, this is good news. It’s good to see the tablet being used out-and-about. Given the fact the company’s apparently been shipping some pretty healthy numbers, I hope to see more of them around. I have not yet seen any other tablets (beyond the obvious iPad) in the wild at, for example, an airport or on the train.

What about you? Seen any PlayBooks around yet?

By Ewan

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Well I see my own Playbook every day on the train, does that count? 😉
The only other tablet I have seen until now in the public here in Austria is the iPad. But even this one is very rare here, I have only seen it two or three times on the train and one in Rome where the user actually tried to snap a photo. Looked quite funny actually. And I think one Galaxy Tab on my trip to Prague.

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