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Uplinq: Steve Perlman of OnLive shows off full-motion gaming on HTC Flyer tablet

Do take a few minutes to have a look at this rather fantastic offering from OnLive.

Steve Perlman, CEO of the company, was invited on to the Uplinq stage by HTC’s Peter Chou to showcase what they’re doing with the all new HTC Flyer tablet.

Essentially you’ll be able to experience phenomenal full-motion, fully-size, full-experience gaming on your HTC Flyer. The game will actually be run on a server in a remote data centre and piped through to your tablet over WiFi. The results are apparently virtually indistinguishable from playing the game on your own high-spec PC.

Steve didn’t actually demonstrate it all working on stage. I think this was a good idea. He pointed out that the WiFi is absolutely saturated here in San Diego so instead they showed off a video produced earlier.

See what you think. I reckon it looks rather smart. Here’s the video:

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2 replies on “Uplinq: Steve Perlman of OnLive shows off full-motion gaming on HTC Flyer tablet”

This is truly awesome.  I’ve been using OnLive on everything from a Mac, a netbook, my high-end PC, to the microconsole itself.  So far my experience has been near perfect.  Quite the amazing service.

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