Use the Dominio’s Pizza app to order ahead from their new motorway store

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Another Pizza-themed post today, this time about Dominio’s.

The company is about to open it’s first motorway store at the Leigh Delamere East services station in Wiltshire on the M4. This, by the way, should be encouraged. I’m a little bored of the usual Burger King offerings at a lot of these service stations.

This new addition means that passengers (NOT drivers, obviously) whizzing down the M4 can now use the Dominio’s Pizza app to place their pizza orders ahead of their arrival at the service station.

Love it.

Anything that increases convenience, I love.

The press release from Domino’s today explains:

Passengers will be able to order ahead by phone or using Domino’s iPhone app, Android app or mobile optimised website, so a delicious, piping-hot pizza will be ready and waiting on their arrival at the services.

You won’t be able to pick up a breakfast pizza unfortunately. No. The motorway store will be following the standard Domino’s opening hours: 11am ’til 11pm.

Still, plenty of opportunity to pick up a Mighty Meaty on the way to see granny.

Good work Domino’s.

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