Video: Nokia N9 design story — worth a look

Nokia is getting it.

This is a glimpse of what’s coming from the company. Suspend your disbelief about the current state of the company and just have a watch of this:

By Ewan

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“sad, juvenile trolls, everywhere” ~ well, that’s just offensive. I’m not sure what I said that could be considered at all trollish.

“Meego is alive and well, whether Nokia is going to use it or not.” ~ while MeeGo may be interesting as an open source project, if no major device manufacturers are planning on using it it doesn’t really count for much.

As far as my comment about Nokia killing MeeGo (MG) is concerned: that’s the story as it was presented by the main-stream media, maybe their press releases had a different take on it but the overall media image was that Nokia were dropping both Symbian and MG in favour of WP7.

The thing that confuses me is this: if they had a really cool MG device (and the N9 does look pretty awesome) in an advanced stage of development why did they decide to go the WP7 route? Surely a *much* better strategy would have been to announce that they were focusing all of there efforts on MG while maybe drip-feeding some hints about what was in development to keep the media pack at bay. Sure, the stock would have had a couple of rough months, but hasn’t that happened anyway?

The problem that they face is that now, however they handle it, their left giving the same impression they gave a few months ago: a company that lacks strategic direction. Note here that I’m not necessarily saying that this is true – I don;t know what’s being said in Nokia boardrooms after all – just that that is how it looks from the outside.

For me, this demonstrates why Nokia isn’t getting it.  The guy is a total Jonny Ive clone, the video and terminology used is embarrassingly similar to those Apple marketing videos we have all seen and even the phone itself is a pretty undiluted iPhone copy.  Is there a single original thought in this company these days?  Why on earth can’t they innovate?  All that money they have earned over the years and yet they seem so incapable.  As a former Nokia fan, it’s heartbreaking to watch crap like this – I wish I hadn’t seen it now. 

I think your comment shows how little you appreciate the reality. It is Nokia that has wholly innovated throughout it’s long history which is why it holds more patents than Steve Jobs has had hot dinners. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say “Nokia invented anything that means anything in mobile”.

Apple are nothing more than refiners and marketers. Nicking the best of other people’s ideas, polishing them, and creating the level of hype that allows them to sell far less for far more. Which is a joke quite frankly. iPhone is a fashion brand and little else – it’s barely out of featurephone territory.

Google are the same but with far less polish and not a huge amount of technical ability.

Nokia are the geniuses, just a shame their internal bureaucracy of the last few years has crippled them and they’re almost completely incapable of marketing their products in the way they deserve.

Of course Nokia has patents – they have been operating in telecommunications since the 1960’s a decade before Apple was even founded.  However, my point is I owned a Nokia smart phone right before I bought my first iPhone in 2007 and let me tell you, there was a world of difference between the two.  And that improvement in the user experience had nothing to do with marketing as you suggest – the iPhone was simply way superior to my previous device.  

Don’t get me wrong, I want Nokia to innovate and I would love to see something truly original but the video in this blog post just seems to confirm that Nokia are not in a position to do that right now.

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